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Angie’s Story

I made some wrong choices in my life and ended up in a place where I lacked confidence, was unhappy with myself, and was lost without a purpose. I spent most of the weekends drinking and partying, and then feeling awful by Sunday. I would then do it over and over again every weekend.

With the drinking and partying came a bad attitude, anger, and mindset about life. I was not my true self and I was not living the life I knew I could.

My own personal transformation – 2009 to 2014

Until the day I had had my moment. The day I had had enough of the negative mindset and bad attitude. This was the day, and it was the day everyday since then. The day I woke up, I mean really woke up, and just decided I was GOING to change my life. I didn’t say MAYBE, I didn’t say TRY, this was going to happen for me. By thinking with this mindset, I made it impossible to fail at what I set out to do because I knew that my life had purpose, and it was up to me to make that happen.

I knew that to be happy and confident I needed to love myself, and much of my self loathing was physical. So I started small and began biking to the free gym at the university I was attending. I researched (more like googled) healthy foods

Society has taught women that if they lift heavy weights they will get “bulky” or get “too muscular”. When I first started lifting heavy weights I was so afraid I was going to “look like a man” or get big and “ bulky”. First off, you are not going to get bulky from lifting heavy weights. This is a widely spread misconception that has been passed on from person to person that could not be more wrong.

Lifting heavy weights will do quite the opposite, they will make you lose body fat (which typically means less size so no “bulk” here). When you lift heavy with the proper diet you will see muscle growth, when you add muscle your body will burn more fat. For every pound of lean mass that your body has, your body requires more oxygen, and a higher oxygen demand results in an increase of metabolic activity. More metabolic activity leads to more caloric expenditure.

Today, I live daily to inspire and motivate others to live healthy lives and to grow toward their health. This takes a daily choice and it also takes willpower to be able to choose a healthy life.

Had I taken the time or been taught not only what foods are ACTUALLY healthy, but what different food sources do for your body (good or bad) I could have avoided years of thinking that I had to stop eating to attain the physique that society deemed as beautiful. Young women need to learn that food is fuel for our bodies, we need this in order to be healthy [If you’re new to all this, you should get started with our 14 Day Jump Start Plan today!] We can achieve our beautiful selves, but we first must learn how to do so with the proper tools and nutrition. If you are lost, ask a professional or read a book. Knowledge is truly power. 

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