5 Fastest Ways You Will Fail.

If at first you fail, try, try again…right?

The world is so quick to tell you giving up is okay. You failed one time? Ok, at least you know you tried. Are you worth it? Do you think your future is enough of an investment of your time and energy that you wake up every day and fight for what you want? When life gets tough, you just throw in the towel and accept defeat? You can never reach your goals in life if you allow life to knock you down. Get back up and keep fighting.

Here is why you don’t have what it takes to be successful in life:

You give yourself the option to quit.

If you go into any endeavor with the mindset that you are just going to “try” than you have already given yourself the choice that failing is an option. Go into it giving it everything you’ve got, and the mindset that you WILL do it, and if you fail, you will try again. Never giving up.

You make excuses for yourself

Im tired. I don’t feel like it, maybe tomorrow will be better. My favorite show is on. My back is sore. I’m having a bad hair day. My finger inches…

There are endless excuses and reasons we give ourselves to opt out of something we would rather not do. Simply put, if you make excuses for yourself, you will never achieve what you set out to accomplish. You cannot give yourself the option to not do what needs to be done. Your MIND is powerful. Once you make up your mind, you must create the mindset that I can. Nothing will get in the way of that, no excuses are big enough to stop you. Decide that you can, and you will. Hard work and dedication will never fail you.

You have no vision.

What is your purpose. What are you fighting for. If you have no purpose, if you have no drive, then what is your vision? You must be able to see where you want to go in the future to work every day to get where you want to be. Find your purpose, tap into your greatness. See where you want to be, and take the steps every day to get there. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Find your vision and never lose focus.

You are afraid to fail.

Just because you failed, does not make you a failure. You must fail your way to success. You will fail over and over again until you win. This is where you have faith, this is where believe in your abilities, trust the process, and have patience. It will happen, if you work towards your goals everyday, one day will be your day. If you fail, get back up and try again…and again…and again…

You have not realized your power.

What many fail to realize is that they alone hold all the power to their own success. Your mind holds the key to unlock your potential to make your dreams your reality. You have a choice, it is solely up to you. Once you realize the power you have within, no one will have the strength to stop you.

Make a decision. Decide that this is going to happen for you. You failed today, ok…get back up and fight harder tomorrow. Make everyday count and work your ass off until you find SUCCESS. You will never be successful if you give yourself the option to quit. Wake up everyday and tell yourself “I CAN”. If you believe in it, stay focused, work hard at it, and nothing can stand in your way. If you allow the obstacles life throws at you to limit yourself and your potential, then you will never get where you want to be.

Never quit. Work hard, Stay Dedicated. Focus. Fail. Believe in your Power.


You will succeed!

You will succeed!




“YOU hold the power.”

Who doesn’t love being motivated?

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