The Top 7 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy Throughout The Day

Enjoy these snacks to help you stay true towards your fitness goals

I find myself having cravings throughout the day and I also have my clients say they feel the same way. A lot of times we do have cravings we get caught off guard and find ourselves stopping at the nearest gas station and accidentally grabbing trail mix, a donut, candy, or…an extra large pizza. I can understand, life is hard. Staying true to your lifestyle is hard as well. Lucky for you, I have a few hacks to help you stay on track.

Here are seven snack hacks to help you stay on track:


Almonds are an incredible source of protein and good fats. They are among one of the lowest calorie nuts, and provide 6g of protein and 3.5g of Fiber per serving. Remember to always eat Raw Almonds and not salted or roasted almonds. Bonus Tip: Almonds have a high amount of polyphenols, antioxidants that have cancer-fighting properties. So you’re fighting fat as well as cancer. Good for you.

A Piece Of Fruit

Are you getting tired around the 1pm to 2pm lull? Forget the coffee! A banana is a great source of natural sugar that can help you with an energy boost while still staying within the parameters of going towards your health goals. And guess what? Bananas contain tryptophan which is an amino acid that actually helps cheer you up!

Protein Bar

All protein bars are not equal. When looking for a good protein bar that isn’t entirely unhealthy for you, make sure you look at these specific things in the nutrition section: grams of sugar, grams of carbs, and calories. I love Quest bars (Oreo or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are amazing). Some others may be tasty but are actually not helping you toward your health goals such as Protein Cookies. Stay on the lookout for my protein bar taste-testing video I will be coming out with soon!

Rice Cakes

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore rice cakes. They are delicious (especially with a bit of peanut butter or almond butter). My favorite kind is the caramel corn rice cakes. Delish.

Greek Yogurt

With 12g of protein per bowl you just can’t go wrong (you can also combine this with your Almonds for a protein-packed snack!). It’s healthy, low fat, and really good for you. One of my favorite kinds is Pineapple Greek Yogurt.

Protein Shake

A rule of thumb is that protein helps you feel fuller, longer. So if you’re in need of something to really fill you up for a while, then look no further than a good old fashioned protein shake. Mix it with water or Almond Milk and you have yourself a delicious quick snack. Need some ideas for protein shakes? Try iso-1o0 (Cookies & Cream is my favorite) or try Quest Protein (Salted Caramel…need I say more??).

Branch Chain Amino Acids With Water (BCAAs)

Ok this may be cheating, but I sip my BCAAs (Love my Xtend BCAAs) throughout the day and they stave off my cravings for sugar and also help me feel fuller. I also supplement the BCAAs as a flavor booster to help me drink more water throughout the day! A couple scoops in a gallon of water goes a long way to help you drink a lot more water. Beware: you may run to the restroom a little bit more!

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