Today is the Day!


We spend so much of our time talking about the things we want to do and where we want our lives to be in the future. But when it comes time to put in the work to get there, we tend to put it off until tomorrow….or “I’ll start on Monday”…

What exactly are we waiting for? When did we decide that being the best and having the best can wait? There is no better day than today to start chasing after your dreams.

Once we make a choice and decide that being mediocre is not part of our reality, that is when we begin to change into the person we imagine ourselves to be. Make a decision today that you can look back on and say, I took control of my life and my situation and i fucking did what this! Make yourself proud of the person you are, and the person you have the potential to become.

Watching others find that strength within to take control of their lives and to make their goals their reality is everything for me. We are stronger than we think, we have the capacity to do just about anything we set our minds to.