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My life was not where I wanted it to be, I was unhappy, unhealthy, with a negative outlook on life. So I took hold of my situation and got my life back. I began living again. I chose to begin my fitness journey in 2011. I knew very little about how to be healthy so I started from scratch and began educating myself on health and fitness.


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Work with me personally every day to help you achieve your goals.

Okon Fitness

Customized meal or exercise plans to follow and help you acheive your goals.

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Complete program to help you live the Queen Lifestyle

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  • Angie is a beast. She's an awesome friend, great coach, and a beautiful person all around. I appreciate her motivation, guidance, and help through this journey. I told her I wanted to body build. Her response, "let's do this." She's taught me so so much, that I can't even thank her enough. I admire her drive, her discipline, and I look forward to this journey with her as my coach, by my side. Love you girl. Keep being you!

    Megan Delacruz
    Megan Delacruz
  • I have been working with Angie (Okon Fitness) for 6 weeks now and my results have been mind blowing. When it comes to fitness, NO ONE can MAKE you do anything, no matter what plan you choose to follow, you are the one who has to put in the work. But Okon fitness has helped me tremendously with their extent of knowledge and support and providing me with the workouts and meal plans I need to be successful. She has taken all of the guess work out of it for me so all I have to is focus on prepping the meals and show up to put in the work. She is responsive and supportive but is also there to make sure that I'm successful. I've shared my goals with her and she is there to check in one me to make sure I'm achieving them. I have never felt more motivated than when I have been working with Angie. I'm only half way through my 12 week plan but I feel 100% confident in my 5 star review.  

    Erin Goyer
    Erin Goyer
  • Being a part of Team Okon is so much more than changing yourself physically. Angie motivates you, pushes you, and does everything she can to make sure you succeed. She puts thought into the workout and meal plans and helps you achieve your goals. She's strict, and you definitely need to put in the work, but she helps you and motivates you to be your best self. This is an amazing community full of support. I would vouch for Angie and her program anytime!

    Amy Ott
    Amy Ott
  • I'm 24. I've had 1 kid. I wanted to be stronger and gain more confidence. Today, I'm walking around like I own the world all because Angie gave me the tools for success to be able to do so. Angie is a phenomenal trainer! She's experienced, knowledgeable, and well-researched. She's not here to collect your check and plop your meal and exercise plans in your lap all to say "good luck." She's there every single step of the way. What you're paying for is the experience and she gives you just that. She customizes everything all to your body and how it responds to the changes it undergoes. All you have to do is commit. Once you say "yes", once Angie says "yes". At that point it all lands on you. Angie meets you halfway to give you the answer key to the test! She tells you exactly what to eat, how much, when, which exercise movements to do...You need only follow the plan word for word and you WILL see the progress! Angie offers a variety of plans which cater to people who may be a different points in their fitness journeys. I truly believe though that if this is your attempt to truly part from bad eating habits to start a new fit life, and if you want to see the most progress for your money, the VIP Program is the way to go simply for the accountability aspect of it (weekly check-ins and direct access to Angie during business hours).

    Laura Lopez
  • Most reviews are biased, so I am here to tell you all the truth about Okon Fitness. This program goes beyond fitness. It will help develop you physically & mentally, and completely transform your life! I was never into fitness before I started my program. My 12-week program got me down 30 pounds, and now I'm currently building towards becoming a fitness competitor with Okon! They saw potential in me, that I couldn't see alone. So yeah, #TeamOkon will change your liiiiife!

    Micaela Hines
    Micaela Hines
  • My experience with team Okon & Angie have been more than I ever expected it to be! I love being apart of a team that inspires me everyday & encourages me to fight harder every week & every day!! Angie has been the most amazing coach. She cares just as much, if not more on my success! She's always got the perfect things to say to make me keep going. I wouldn't pick any other team or coach, they're perfect!!!

    Krystyna F.
    Krystyna F.

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